Gateway Page or Exit Page

What is a Gateway Page in relation to our Omsys Autoprospecting software you ask?

In the case of our Auto Prospecting System, a Gateway page is a fantastic tool to really increase the results of your prospecting site and is essentially a single webpage with a targeted focus that you would have as a landing page that they then click a link to get to your actual prospecting site.

Lets say you set up the Prospecting Site component of our Automatic Prospecting System to speak about the strengths of your company, products, services, and opportunity in general. The Gateway Pages are what allow you to go after specific search engine traffic.

A Gateway Page or Exit Page is essentially a targeted page you make to appeal to a certain keyword or keywords that will sit in front of your whole Prospecting Site.

For example, lets say you are involved in a Nutritional MLM company, and you have a product that is particularly good for Heart Health. You could make a page targeting heart health words. Then from this targeted page you could transition them to your prospecting site.

So gateway pages allow you to go after prospects from various angles available to your particular opportunity.

You may make a gateway page for each product your company sells, as well as one with a home based business focus, and maybe finally one on making money. Our Auto prospecting system allows you to do that.

The best part is, that gateway page would be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly so you could attract free internet traffic to that keyword in particular. Now that is POWER.

Gateway pages can also be used as exit pages. Lets say you do not have an actual website for your company. You could use our system as your main website, and once they have been through the whole Prospecting Site you would let them click to the particular exit pages (kinda like reverse gateway pages) that would give a lot of detail on the particular product or service they are interested in.

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