Corporate Omsys MLM Auto Prospecting System

Are you looking for a way to supercharge your company?

How about put state of the art Prospecting automation in their hands?

Our Omsys MLM Autoprospecting System is just the tool to do this.

Take a video tour at:

We can license this system to you for you to resell or give away to your members.

We have found it to be an excellent way to help Nutritional companies into countries before they have all the Nutritional Approvals in place, you can lead with this virtual product and backfill with your real products once you have enough members to justify it.

Our license fees run from $10 per month per user, right down to $2 per month per user in volume.

We can also offer everybody in your company a perpetually FREE Version of the System, which of course attracts no license fees to you.

How does FREE work?

The free version is Fully Functional it just has its contact capacity scaled way down. For many who join MLM and only talk to 4 or 5 people a month, this FREE Omsys MLM Autoprospecting System would probably be fine forever.

For those who truly embrace the power of the Auto prospecting System, the will need to upgrade to a Paid version to allow for more leads and capacity.

Additional Features to Corporate License Holders