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SalesPersonDream Auto Prospecting System Demos and Tours

We call them Demo's but they are kind of like Virtual Tours. Great for learning a little about our Automatic Prospecting System, but also great for learning how to used them.

If you were looking for our Tutorials on how to Configure your Auto Prospecting System, you can find those here...

I guess they could also be called Auto Prospecting System Tutorials, but either way we know they will help to unleash the power of this Automatic Prospecting System for you!

Auto Prospecting Demo's and Tours

SalesPersonDream Auto Prospecting System (15min 51 sec) EXPLODE your business with the TIPS and Software Tool shown off in this Video. Shows first the Front End Sales Funnel/Lead Capture pages, then digs deep into the Members Back Office Contact Management, AutoResponder, Mentoring, Phone Scripts, and Lead Capture Template Control functionality. What are you waiting for, isn't it time to build a GIANT TEAM?

SalesPersonDream Auto Prospecting System ADMIN Functionality (15min 51 sec) Lead Capture Templates, Advertising Co-Operative Engine, Corporate Push Template Updates, Reporting to track Traffic and Leads and Signups, Compliance Engine for Vetting Member System Customizations.
What are you waiting for, isn't it time to HELP YOUR MEMBERS BUILD GIANT TEAM? wouldn't you rather Control all the leads vs. purchase them from a 3rd Party?

To Order your SalesPersonDream Autoprospecting System go to: http://omacompany.com
Click Join, and fill in your details, when the shopping cart comes up select the SalesPersonDream System that Suits your needs. It is MONEY BACK GUARANTEED for 30 days!