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Advertising Co-Operative

Our Ad Co-Op engine can put your lead generation on autopilot and give your members more qualified prospects than they know what to do with.

The engine allows for a pool of funds to be contributed to and your PR department to then put together a corporate adverting campaign on behalf of your members.

You can have the members contribute to the pool of funds by way of monthly purchase of Ad Co-Op shares, or you can fund the campaign corporately, the system allows either way.

Every place you advertise will then have a specific link assigned to it that will redirect the lead to the next eligible person in the Ad Co-op. All leads are tracked as to where they originated and the technology allows for the redirect in a way that will not get you excluded from Google, or Overture's pay per click systems.

You can control it all yourselves, or for 10% of the advertising pool monthly (minimum $500 USD per month) we will run an ad campaign specific for you.

A great way to sell your products or increase your business!