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Sales Funnel

What is a Sales Funnel and Why Do I Need One?

Our sales funnel that we include with our Sales Force Automation Software is simply a 4 page website that has predefined format, but that all the content is controllable by you. The purpose of this 4 page sales funnel system is to lead your customer through an easy education process on your products, services and or company leading them to a point to request more information on the things they are interested in.

Our sales funnel has been tested to be very efficient and direct enough to not lose customers interest out of boredom as they go through it.

Sales Funnel (4 Page Website)

The First Page - You would set this page of the sales funnel up to give a little information about your company and/or products and/or services. The setup of this page would depend on your overall Sales Funnel strategy. If you are using Gateway Pages for your particular products, you would just teach your

The Second Page - Starts an audio/video/flash message playing. This message should be a short introduction to your company, products and services. As we know a lot of internet surfing goes on from the work place, we also have the ability for the text of the message to scroll for those who don't have speakers or the ability to listen to an audio message when they trip across your website!

The Third Page - This is an information collection page. You will set it to come up just at the end of the message to collect the listeners contact details and intentions if they are interested in learning more. If they fill in the form and submit it some great things happen, all Automatically!

  • The Sales Lead is instantly sent an email with Your Company and Sales Representatives contact details and any further information you wish to share at that point
  • Your Company or Sales rep is instantly sent an email with the Sales Lead's contact details
  • The Sales Lead is automatically entered into an Autoresponder automatic follow up series that you define and set up to share whatever information or sales materials you feel they need based on them coming this far in learning about your company and products
  • The prospect is automatically entered into the Contact Management software system so you do not need to retype or re-key any information, you will just have the important details at your finger tips and the hottest newest prospects will always be at the top of your Contact List.

The Fourth Page - This page is the final page which you can set up to once again tell whatever information you feel is pertinent and you can set it to link to particular pages of your site, or even send them off to particular exit pages created in this system. Remember at this point they are very qualified and you have captured their contact information.

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Our Sales Force Automation Software can be licensed to an individual on a per user basis, or can be licensed to a company for multi users.

This Sales Force Automation Software can also be set up as a complete stand alone self contained system.

This Sales Force Automation Software integrates completely to our main Sales Automation software and Shopping Cart package for all billing and maintenance options. It can easily be set up to generate points through a loyalty program or used for an affiliate based Internet Marketing concept.