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Multi User Sales Force Automation

What Does Multi User Sales Force Automation Mean?

With our Sales Force Automation Product we have 2 distinctly different ways you can benefit from our product.

For the smaller users, you simple purchase our Sales Force Automation CRM+ from our http://www.houraday.com website. You can have multiple users in your company purchase it separately so you have separate contact manager setups, or the company can purchase multiple licenses so all contacts are in the same contact manager.

Large User Version (1000+ representatives or individual users)

For much larger users, we can put a whole control infrastructure in place to allow you the ultimate control over the whole system including the ability to resell or on sell the system to your agents or representatives.

This infrastructure can set you up to maximize your internet marketing efforts. it comes with a complete shopping cart and full order management system. it will run your company from beginning to end, as well as allow

While the system allows each individual user to control the wording and content of the system, with this full blown system in place, you can actually control what content they use in their individual systems with a complete compliance engine.

The compliance engine works by allowing you to set a list of banned words that can not be used anywhere within the system. If an agent or representative tries to use a banned word, the system will give them a message telling them that the word is not allowed within the system. The system will also put that member onto a compliance list that an administrator can see all attempts at use of banned words, as well as if they have been corrected satisfactorily or not. This solves the situation where they just substitute a similar but just as bad word in hopes of evading the compliance system.