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Gateway Page or Exit Page

What is a Gateway Page in relation to Sales Force Automation software you ask?

In the case of our Sales Force Automation Software, a Gateway page is a fantastic tool to really increase the results of your Sales Force Automation system and sits in front of your Sales Funnel Pages.

Lets say you set up the Sales Funnel component of our Sales Force Automation Software to speak about the strengths of your company and your products and services in general. The Gateway Pages are what allow you to go after search engine traffic. on your specific products or services before your potential customer hits your actual Sales Funnel.

A Gateway Page or Exit Page is essentially a targeted page you make to appeal to a certain keyword or keywords that will sit in front of your whole Sales Funnel.

For example, lets say you run a Beauty Salon. You have set your Sales Funnel up to talk about your salon and your staff credentials and in general the services you are able to do. You can check out our client Aoi Beauty Studio for an example starting from the Sales Funnel at:


Lets say you are an expert in a particular area like Japanese Hair Straightening, like Aoi Beauty Studio is. You would make a separate gateway page explaining all about Japanese Hair Straightening that if the potential customer was interested in, they would then click to the next page which would be the actual Sales Funnel that educates them on the rest of your company and services.

You can take a look at the gateway page that has been created for specifically Japanese hair Straightening at:


The best part is, that gateway page would be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly so you could attract free internet traffic to that keyword in particular. Now that is POWER.

Aoi Beauty Studio currently brings in 2 - 5 new Japanese Hair Straighening clients per WEEK with this system and the internet. That is an additonal $700-$1750 of sales per week in a business that was doing about $4000 a week in sales before the use of this system and the internet.

Gateway pages can also be used as exit pages. Lets say you do not have an actual website for your company. You could use our system as your main website, and once they have been through the whole Sales Force Automation System you would let them click to the particular exit pages (kinda like reverse gateway pages) that would give a lot of detail on the particular product or service they are interested in.

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Take a tour of this system at:


Our Sales Force Automation Software can be licensed to an individual on a per user basis, or can be licensed to a company for multi users.

This Sales Force Automation Software can also be set up as a complete stand alone self contained system.

This Sales Force Automation Software integrates completely to our main Sales Automation software and Shopping Cart package for all billing and maintenance options. It can easily be set up to generate points through a loyalty program or used for an affiliate based Internet Marketing concept.