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Affiliate Program Software

Affiliate Program Software or Referral Software

We have now stopped selling the Affiliate Software as a separate item, it is now all part of the MLM Software. It is not recommended for affiliate programs with sales under $10,000 per month, but if your affiliate program software is failing due to your sales load and traffic, give us a call we can help.

How would you like to have all your loyal customers become your secret sales force weapon?

Affiliate Program Software or Referral Software can help you achieve just that.

Here is How it Works

You can allow your existing customers as well as potential customers to become a hidden sales force shooting your sales and customer retention to the stratosphere.

Think of an affiliate program as an incentive program on steroids.

Anybody who comes to your website, which will operate all within our Content Management System, (Self Replicated Website Engine) will have the ability to sign up for FREE to become an affiliate with your company.

An affiliate is simply a person who will be given a Self Replicated website (essentially a copy of your website) to refer friends/family or internet traffic to in order to promote sales.

The affiliate program software will track the person as an affiliate as well as give the affiliate this Self Replicated Website that they will use to refer others to to purchase products or services from the e-commerce shopping cart contained within our Affiliate program Software.

You are in control over what incentives you would like to give to your affiliates for products they sell, and how you wish to pay or compensate your affiliates for their promotional efforts.

You could choose to just offer a straight 10% cash commission to any affiliate who generates a sale.

Maybe you want to reward both Sales Generated by an affiliate as well as the affiliate finding other affiliates, in which case you could offer a 2 level Affiliate program to compensate deeper.

You could take this as many levels deep as you desire with our Affiliate Program Software.

Maybe handling paying commissions is too much work and you would prefer a more self contained solution, in which case you may only offer incentive dollars good for redemption of your companies products, rather than actual cash payments.

You can even control what products or services in your shopping cart will be available for purchase with the incentive dollars.

The configuration would depend on your business practices, our Affiliate Program Software is extremely configurable.

Our Affiliate Program Software solution, can take over multiple aspects of your sales process:

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