Corporate Omsys MLM Compliance Engine

In Today's MLM Marketplace, the ability for a member to control so much of the content of a system as powerful as our Omsys MLM Autoprospecting System could be reason to be concerned. Government authorities tend to be viscious in their attacks at health claims or income claims.

As we are well aware of these issues, but also know the upside of letting members have control of content to allow the content to evolve and get even more effective. We have struck an excellent balance by putting together a very robust MLM Compliance Engine to reduce or even eliminate the risk of unsubstantiated claims being used by your members.

An The compliance engine works by allowing you to set a list of banned words that can not be used anywhere within the Omsys Auto prospecting system.

If any member or user of the system tries to use a banned word while editing or creating their content, the system will give them a message telling them that the word is not allowed within their content.

The system will also put that member onto a compliance list that an administrator can see all attempts at use of banned words, as well as if they have been corrected satisfactorily or not.

This solves the situation where they just substitute a similar but just as bad word in hopes of evading the compliance system.