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Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation is a Software topic that sure can get out of hand. It seems with regards to Sales Force Automation the concept of KISS has gone right out the window.

Well, we are doing something different. Our Sales Force Automation software is not meant to be all things to all people. Our Sales Force Automation software is meant to do 1 thing, and do it very well.

Allow anybody with even the basic of internet skills to utilize our Sales Force Automation software to increase their online, or offline sales by integrating a unique Internet Based sales funnel system and simple Contact Manager and Follow up system.

Our Sales Force Automation System Includes:

  • Sales Funnel 4 Page Website - completely configurable by the company, or user, including questionnaire.
  • Full Contact Manager (CRM System) - advanced contact management system fully online.
  • Unlimited Auto Responders (depending on licensing options) - unlimited number of series possible in the system, and each series has an unlimited number of potential emails that can be sent.
  • Gateway Pages - allow you to have many entry pages to the system, so you could set up one for each product or service then sell the concept of the company in the main system.
  • Multi-User Sales Force Automation - for a large company with many sales representatives using the system, allows the company to set up the system and all representatives to have the same version of the setup automatically available to them.

Our Sales Force Automation software can be used to market any product, service, or concept. It will take your potential contacts through a series of steps to pre-qualify them for you, before sending them directly to your corporate site after they provide you their contact details.

This is web based Sales Force Automation software and is primarily made to go between your advertising and your main website to pre-qualify and collect information on your potential clients. if you do not have a corporate website, do not worry, our system can pretty much take care of it all for you in a simple easy to use way.

Once you have collected the information, it turns into an Auto Responder system to keep following up with them, or educating them, as well as a full featured Web Based Contact Manager System that is simple to use and designed by a heavy user of such systems.

Our Sales Force Automation system is designed by a person who has successfully used it to generate a ton of sales. It is simple, it is straightforward and it is designed to save you time and MAKE YOU SALES.

We are so confident you will love it that we will give you a 30 day free trial. No credit cards up front, no mess, no fuss. Just try it. If you love it as much as our other clients do, you will be happy to pay for this invaluable tool.

Go on to learn about our Sales Funnel (4 Page Website)


Take a tour of this system at:


Our Sales Force Automation Software can be licensed to an individual on a per user basis, or can be licensed to a company for multi users.

This Sales Force Automation Software can also be set up as a complete stand alone self contained system.

This Sales Force Automation Software integrates completely to our main Sales Automation software and Shopping Cart package for all billing and maintenance options. It can easily be set up to generate points through a loyalty program or used for an affiliate based Internet Marketing concept.

To Order your SalesPersonDream Autoprospecting System go to:


Click Join, and fill in your details, when the shopping cart comes up select the SalesPersonDream System that Suits your needs. It is MONEY BACK GUARANTEED for 30 days!