This Training/Demo Video has newer Versions please see the following Links:

Configuration Training 1 - Company Details Section, Commission Plan Section, Autopay and Money Transfer Settings, Commission Period Setup Section, and Title and Rank Setup.

Configuration Training 2 - System Defaults Section

Configuration Training 3 - System Defaults, Terms and Conditions Editor, Website Style, Options, Block Usernames, Menu / Webeditor, Country Code

Configuration Training 4 - Distributor Configuration Section

Configuration Training 5 - Payment Types,Credit Card Setup, Duplicate Signup, and Email Engine

Feel Free to watch our Older Video Below, the Configuration options are constantly changing.

MLM Software Advanced Configuration Functionality and Showcase of How INS MLM Software allows you to have full Self Serve access to high level functions. (7 min 22 Seconds

This is a YouTube Video of our Advanced Configuration Functionality. We will soon offer a better quality version as well.

The order of this Video is: Credit Card Blacklist, System Preferences, Webeditor Replicated Page Control, Graphics Editor theme control, CSS Control, Upload Engine, Calendar, Email Blaster, Quote of the Day.