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MLM Software Testimonials from our Clients!

Bob Gingles

"My name is Bob Gingles - Director of a MLM start up Company.
After more than 12 months working with another highly recognised MLM software Company, I still hadn't been able to commence operations. I was told my software build would take between 8-10, maybe 12 weeks at the outside to put in place so that I could begin operations. So, me being conservative, I thought ok, I will 'double' that build time to be safe.

I budgeted my working capital to carry me through financially until a couple of months beyond launch date when I would be generating cash flow. BUT! 12 months almost to the day - I was "still" a fair way from launching my venture! I was beginning to get very worried!

Frustrations, delays, excuses and some genuine reasons for the hold up were very patiently 'endured' by me and my IT guy. And to be honest, a couple of times things happened beyond both parties control what with other 3rd party software hold ups too. But they were not major issues to correct at all.

I had paid this Company just on/over $23,000 and still it seemed Launch wasn't in site. After all this time, we didn't even have "access" to my own website to browse around and apply the necessary look and feel of the website, or to even 'edit' what we wanted to.

THEN - by pure 'accident', (and I "still" don't know how to this very day!?) I came across Internetnextstep.com's (INS's) website. I was excited, so I had my IT guy check it out, and he got 'really' excited about what I had discovered too. Everything we believed the other developers had offered us "and" more was available in INS' Software.

We discussed in depth whether or not to 'take a hit' and walk away from 12-14 months work, and alot of money already spent with the Developers we were already using - to take the 'risk' and possibly encounter even "more" lengthy delays with INS, and potentially running out of money before we even got "started"!

Either way, we 'knew' if we kept on going the way we were heading, I was going to end up broke before I could get this venture off the ground. It was very frightening and worrysome. I had given up working and was full time working on my project, and 12 months later - in danger of running out of money, and with no income at all I "had" to do something!

We took the "plunge"!

Well - Dennis told us he would have my website accessable to do what we needed to do within 36 hours. It was "less" than that! I think it was 28 hours! We didn't even have "that" basic function after 12 months dealing with the other Company!

He said he and his team wouild have us "live" within 2 weeks. It was 10 "days"! We had the ability to literally "begin" sign ups of our members if we chose to do that. Dennis was not only telling us "what" and "how" he could deliver, he was "exceeding" those expectations! "And", knowing what he knew about my loss of finance and precious time with the other developer, he even gave me the flexibility of a payment plan.

If we needed something done with software integration with other businesses we were partnering up with, we would place a support ticket in to them - and "no word a lie" - on occassions we would have a response within a minute, and the problem addressed "immediately"!

Dennis, you and your entire team at INS - I know myself and Darren (my IT guy) cannot say or praise you guys "enough"! I am not 'completely' out of the woods yet, but I can certainly sleep better at night now, knowing I have such a great tem behind me, and we have all important cash flow- the life blood of any business.

Things are looking up. So, from the bottom of my heart, and with sincere, never ending "gratitude", I thank you. You have given not only myself,and my IT guy Darren, as well as all participants of my Network Marketing Company hope - to one day realise their financial goals and aspirations. You have friends for life here in New Zealand! Welcome! Cheers to you all!! Bob Gingles - Director/Founder

PS: I have no hard feelings about the prevous Company not delivering - I am sure they would have given time...but it was time I was running out of - and money. Anyone, or any Company thinking of engaging INS? I say "GRAB EM' with both hands! Great value for money!!"

Klaus Saurugger

CEO at Lopoca Gaming Ltd.

I got Dennis known as a very humorous person, with a lot of experience in the Network Marketing industry and with the necessary seriousness in solving issues.

We have a lot of customizing work for Dennis and his team, and this work is done in a proper way and time.

Altogether it is a pleasure to work with Dennis.

Rick Jewson

Operations Manager at Waste to Water Pty Ltd

Dennis is a walking talking MLM guru... He has forgotten more about MLM that most people will even learn! If you want it straight, without any frills or doublespeak, talk to Dennis!

Rick Jongkind

Independent Marketing Professional

I have had the privilege of working with Dennis on various occasions and have always found him to simply get the job done above and beyond expectations. I would highly recommend Dennis and InternetNextStep.

Martin Novotny

Actor & Teacher

Dennis Wilson mentored me in online direct marketing & sales, and has advised me in other business ventures. All of my endeavors with Dennis have been profitable, both financially and in my own professional development. Dennis is highly motivated, committed, progressive and generous in helping others succeed.

Max Richardson

I want to put a 'ding' in the Universe.

Dennis was very helpful and informative about setting up a MLM engine. He was very friendly and quick to respond to messages even though we lived 8 hours apart! I will probably be collaborating with him in the future at some point and would recommend him to anyone starting their own MLM business.

Nigel Allan

Owner BrilliantCarbon Ltd.

After researching IT companies for over 18 months for the kind of services Dennis offers, I settled on Dennis and Internetnextstep for a whole host of reasons: flexibility, value for money, in depth knowledge and experience of my industry, willingness to adapt and be adaptable, easy to contact and stay in contact with, methodical follow though. Furthermore, he is very easy to get on with and brainstorm for ideas, so he brings his creativity to the mix based upon years of experience and success in the industry at no extra charge

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