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Private Members Back Office

In today's MLM Marketplace the technology you choose to run you company with has a definite impact on the belief of your members. Often the biggest downside of trying to home grow your MLM Software is you just do not have the feature set available to you in admin or your members back office that a package solution can offer.

Our MLM Software Members Back office contains

Edit Member Details - add/edit addresses, phone numbers etc.

Calendar - Members can add/edit their own Calendar items, as well as see but not edit items put on the calendar by the corporation.

About Me Page Control - upload a picture and story along with enable contact form on the About me page on the public viewable area of the website.

Placement Preference - should your company allow placement preference, the member can control the settings here.

Email Options - Stop excessive system emails here. 4 levels of turn off or opt out capabilities so members can receive only the emails they think are important from upline, or company.

Withdrawals - Set how you want to get paid. Pay every week by check, pay only after you have $1000, pay all by check but leave enough behind to cover next months autoship, and more options for payment of commissions are available here.

Autoship Control - change your auto ship in real time.

Member Order - order products available to all, as well as exclusively available to members only.

Credit Card/Payment Type Control - set how you will pay for things, or be paid by company, control credit cards on file.

Personal Account - see all transactions in and out of your online personal account.

Gift Certificates - create a gift certificate from your earnings to send to an enrollee who can use it to sign up with a credit card, and can pay you cash, check, paypal, or whatever other payment system you would like to be paid by.

Inter-Member Transfer - transfer some of your earnings in your personal account to another member for the purpose of them using it for autoship if they don't have a credit card. you can collect the funds from them anyway you like. Remember, best to get their money from them before you transfer it to be safe!

Genealogy - updated daily, old fashioned list based report of your team.

Real Time Viewers - a few types of real time downline viewers available depending on your commission plan.

Email Downline - Email blast your downline

FAQ - see answers to member only frequently asked questions.

Support - submit a support ticket for something you can't find the answer to in the FAQ.

Omsys - the Auto Prospecting Tool access.

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