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MLM Merchant Account and MLM Credit Card Gateway!

INS Officially started supporting Authorize.net as its MLM Merchant Account and MLM Credit Card Gateway provider.

After watching client after client have issues with all types of agents and middlemen when it comes to MLM Friendly Merchant Accounts and MLM Friendly credit card gateways for processing MLM Visa and MLM MasterCard transactions, INS has decided to support whole heartedly the only company that seems to consistently work with and be friendly to MLM companies.

One MLM Merchant Account Provider that does not institute such terribly limiting limits, and so many rules and requirements as to make it impossible to succeed.

We have watched literally hundreds of our clients go through this painful process. Finally we have decided to throw our Muscle and Dedication behind one company that seems to give the best success in getting both an MLM Merchant account as well as an MLM Credit Card Gateway.

We are not suggesting they won't ask you for every piece of information about yourself and your company on the planet, but we are suggesting that they do not get scared away by the fact that you are an MLM company.

Do you need an MLM Credit Card Gateway or MLM Merchant Account so you can do Visa and MasterCard processing? Do you need a backup plan for a minimal limit imposed on you by another provider?

Submit an Application today Click the Link Below:


INS MLM Software MegaTip #47

In in today's world, Virtual MLM Product and Service companies are very difficult to get an MLM Credit Card Gateway and/or an MLM Merchant account for. One way to help you qualify is to ensure that you are NOT totally virtual, but that in fact you have your information in a nice padded binder and DVD or other such materials put into a nice package that you send out on signup by courier and require a Signature on receipt. From signup on, your subscription is much more charge back protected by the fact that you had a charge that was accepted with a signature to start the relationship off.

Not as easy as all virtual, but at least you have a hope of qualifying for an MLM Merchant account and/or MLM Credit Card Gateway.

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