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CRM+ Software

CRM+ Software (Automatic Prospecting System)

This CRM Software can be used to sell any product, service, or opportunity. It is the best Automatic Prospecting system or Online Automated Sales system on the market.

It has been used in the creation of two very large networks. It handles the sifting and sorting of people to leave you with only the interested prospects.

It can also be used to promote a product or service directly.?

This system can be used in the warm market to help your team quickly sift through their warm market and find the gems, or in the cold market to filter advertising generated leads through.

We can also hook this up to an Advertising Co-operative service for you to ensure your teams success. Your team could buy shares in an Ad Co-op that either you, your company, or we can administer for you. Our software makes sure the correct person gets the hit directed to their site.

To have a FREE 30 Day trial of this system, go to


Hit the Join button on the left hand menu, sign up, purchase any omsys package, choose payment type Money Order/Bank Draft and email me at dennis@internetnextstep.com for me to make yours free for 1 month! Please put FREE OMSYS TRIAL in the subject for me! Remember to include your username so I know who to set free!

The System Includes:

  • 4 Page Website - completely configurable by the company, or user, including questionnaire.
  • Base System Setup - for a large group of people to have as a default system setup
  • Full Contact Manager (CRM System) - advanced contact management system fully online.
  • Unlimited Auto Responders (depending on licensing options) - unlimited number of series possible in the system, and each series has an unlimited number of potential emails that can be sent.
  • Advertising Co-Op Engine (depending on licensing options) - keep your system generating sales leads or prospects for yourself and your whole company.

4 Page Website

The First Page - gives a little information about the company and products, you can select from some base setups, or customize it completely for yourself.

The Second Page - Starts an audio message playing. This message can be a stock one we have or a personal one you create for your company, or individual members can create their own as well. We also have the ability for the text of the message to scroll for those who don't have speakers.

The Third Page - This is a popup page, it comes up just at the end of the message to collect the listeners contact details and intentions if they are interested in learning more. If they fill in the form and submit it some great things happen:

  • The prospect is instantly sent an email with the site owners contact details
  • The site owner is instantly sent an email with the prospects contact details
  • The prospect is automatically entered into an autoresponder follow up series
  • The prospect is automatically entered into the contact management system

The Fourth Page - This page is the final page which can tell about the member, and link to a corporate replicated website for enrollment.

Base System Setup

You as a company with many sales representatives or distributors set up a base system set up the way the company wants themselves represented. When new members use the system it will be defaulted to one of these base systems and you can decide if you want to allow them to customize it from there or not.

You have the ability to push a corporate update to the entire user group from the company in the case of a new campaign, compliance issues etc.

Contact Manager (CRM)

Full contact manager including tracking of all conversations, when to follow up, automatic birthday and anniversary emails, priority setting of contacts, daily, weekly, monthly email reminder of top contacts to call, newsletter series control per contact and much more.

Unlimited Auto Responders

The system allows in both the base setup area and each users area for an unlimited capability of auto responder series. Each series can be of unlimited length as well. You control when each email goes out and how long in between each email that the system will be sending.

Prospects get automatically entered into series, or you can enter them manually into series.

Advertising Co-Operative

An engine to allow a multitude of options for running your own, or retaining us to run your advertising co op. Allows for members to have leads generated by your co operative shared amongst them all for follow up and closing or enrollment.

Allows for multiple places of advertising to originate and has full tracking as to where the leads came from and what status they are at in your system.

It is set up to be able to charge a monthly fee for an ad co op share if you like, users can buy more than one share.

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Take a tour of this system at:


Our automatic Prospecting system can be licensed to and individual on a per user basis, or can be licensed to a company for multi users.

The system can also be set up as a complete stand alone self contained system including all billing functions.

This system integrates completely to our main MLM software package for all billing and maintenance options. It can easily be set up to generate points through a compensation system if required.